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As a participant in the International Book Salon 2021, which will take place on Palace Square in St. Petersburg from May 26 to May 29, I invite all of you to attend this book festival.
My book is on display at stand N69 from Ridero Publishing House and is included in the special selection “HITS of the Book Salon 2021”.

You will be able to visit the exhibition this year not only in the Offline format, since the full version of the exhibition is available, and Online.
For more details, see the website of the exhibition organizer: XVI St. Petersburg International Book Salon on Palace Square – May 26-29 (book-salon.online)
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Manage Your Dream | VLAD REKOVSKI

March 14, 2021

Today, March 14, is a special day for me, and I present to your attention my project «JOY FOR CHILDREN».

All funds received from the sale of my book «MANAGE YOUR DREAM» are sent to the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Charitable Foundation for Helping Orphans https://fondkstovo.ru

You can become a participant of the “JOY FOR CHILDREN” campaign by ordering a free printed version of the book by filling out an application on the author’s website vladrekovski.com

«Let’s help those who can’t help themselves – children!»

I thank all my colleagues in Russia and India for their participation!

Best regards and best wishes

Vlad Rekovski



Ridero Publishing House:


March 8, 2021

Let me congratulate all the women today,
Happy spring and sunny holiday on March 8!
May this Day bring you all many tender moments
And good wishes!
I sincerely wish you all well-being, prosperity, harmony and good luck!
May you always be surrounded by the love of your loved ones,
The attention of your friends and the respect of your colleagues!

From March 8!
Spring to your heart,
Warmth to your soul!

Vlad Rekovski


Not unambiguous feelings 🤔 !
5,000 kilometers distance between Nizhny Novgorod – 30 °C. and India, Pune + 30 °C!
What is the temperature in your region??


Today is the last day of the outgoing 2020.

And I wish everyone, everyone, everyone, without exception, that each of you make your deepest wish on this New Year’s Eve…

Feel yourself at this moment exactly as if this desire were fulfilled now, at this moment …

Remember this feeling inside of you, and continue living with it in the New Year 2021!

Focus your attention on this, apply willpower to it and act!!!

Get additional knowledge if necessary,

…and I am sure that your dream will become your reality!

Stay healthy and happy always!

With great respect to you,

Vlad Rekovski



Ahead of the New Year 2021

What was the outgoing year 2020?

The outgoing year has presented quite a few surprises that have become both a new challenge and a new opportunity!

So it was with me. I will tell about this in the final chapter of the first part of the book,

which I was finishing writing after the evacuation from India to Russia on March 31, 2020.

But be that as it may, today I am already back in India.

When I wrote these lines, I thought about it and asked myself the question:

«What is this?» – «another challenge, or new opportunities?»

«Both that, and another», I will answer you!

Therefore, I wish all of you that any challenge becomes a new experience for you that will make you stronger, wiser, more persistent!

Do not give up, but keep going forward to your goal, look for an opportunity not only to survive, but to build your life the way you want it!

But you have to want very, very much!

And take action….

Happy New Year 2021!

and stay healthy!


photographs by Vlad Rekovski, 2020

From 12/26/2020

Today is December 26, 2020

For 36 days now, I have been away from my family on the southern hemisphere in India.

Despite the state of affairs in connection with COVID-19, I still left Russia and continued to work under a contract in India.

After a long pause during the international quarantine, I devote a huge amount of time to my professional activities,

not forgetting about my people close to me – about my family!

Being here, I would not say that I feel alone, no.

I would call it privacy, when thoughts and feelings about people close to you help not to be alone,

but at the same time, to feel not infringed, but to be emotionally stable, in solitude from home!

Happy New Year everyone and stay healthy and vigorous!



The author continues to answer questions from readers:

When the reader read the book, he was fully acquainted with all my tests that I conducted on my body, for example, subjecting it to strong cooling in winter or other physical exertion. But many readers are nevertheless interested in how it all happened in reality?

– read further on page 252, part 2, chapter 4 “Journey to the world hidden from us”

…. and you will receive an answer to the question: “What happens to our body, why does it become resilient and less susceptible to all kinds of harmful effects of our environment? What processes are taking place inside us that bring our body to such a stable state? “

… (I do not recommend carrying out such tests for beginners who have not passed the preparatory stage, described in detail in the first part of the book on page 40 “Porfiry Ivanov’s system – dousing with cold water works 100%).

… and always stay healthy!



Today we are talking about the topic “human immunity”, or in other words, the resistance and resistance of our body to external influences, such as bacteria and viruses.I will quote a few lines from the comment of the Director of the St. Petersburg research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology, posted on 03.12.2020 on the VESTI RU page: Some people, being in contact with COVID patients, did not get sick: “We do not know why these people did not get sick. Perhaps they were resistant to the virus.” Is

it Possible that our body can resist any virus?To answer this question, I asked the administrator of the Manage your dream website to open Chapter 12 and 13 of the second part of the book “your possibilities are endless” for free reading. Below, I present several photos of the text and illustrations from the pages of these chapters.

Visit the https://vladrekovski.com/…/upl…/2020/12/12-and-13-en.pdf and read for free!I invite you to plunge into the world closed from us, into the world of our subconscious……and stay healthy!


PS: E-book in English is available on the website of the book from 20.12.2020


From the author Vlad Rekovski

Today we will talk about the topic of «human immunity», or in other words, the resistance and stability of our body to external influences, such as bacteria and viruses.

I will cite a few lines from the comment of the director of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, posted today on 03.12.2020 on the VESTI.RU page: When some people did not get sick after contact with COVID patients: «We do not know why these people did not get sick. They may have been resistant to the virus».

Can our body resist any virus?

To answer this question, I asked the website administrator for my book «Manage Your Dream» to open for free reading chapters 12 and 13 of the second part of the book «Your Possibilities Are Endless». Below I present several photos of the text and illustrations from the pages of these chapters.

Go to the website and read for free!

I invite you to plunge into the world hidden from us, into the world of our subconscious…

And stay healthy!!!

✍️Reviews from our dear readers: Alexander Yurganov, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Krasnodar.

Link to review https://www.facebook.com/100003146602728/posts/3533697090078476/?d=n



The author continues to answer questions from readers…

So what impressed me in India and left vivid memories?

I have not traveled much in India, my professional activity here is a priority, but I managed to visit those places that are available for visiting on weekends. I was impressed by the cave temples of ancient India, or the so-called Buddhist cave monasteries in a place called Karla (Karla / Karli caves).

The caves themselves are carved into a rock mass on a cliff, located almost at the top of a high hill with steep slopes and a height difference of about 200 meters, at the foot of which is the village of Vekhargaon.

The dimensions and architecture of the main hall of the temple are impressive: the height is about 15 meters, with wooden arches, which have been supporting from the rock fall for 2000 years. The length of the hall is 35 meters, and all columns of precise configuration are complemented by figured stone carvings. A mesmerizing sight…


The author continues to answer questions from readers…

The amazing natural phenomena that I had to observe, and what I mention on the pages of my book, is a repeated repetition of the most interesting phenomenon that has accompanied me for many years: this is the fact that when I first visit the driest countries, or regions, it always rains there, where it practically does not happen for decades. So it was in Egypt, Turkey, in the United States in the state of Arizona. The most recent such incident happened to me in India, in the epicenter of the Great Indian Desert, in the midst of the dry season in May. At that time I found myself in the northwestern part of India, about 25 km from the border with Pakistan, not far from the city of Jaisalmer in the province of Rajasthan…

Read more on page 173, part two “The Secret Hidden from Humanity”, Chapter 10: January 9, 2019. India, Pune.

Photo: May 16, 2019. The epicenter of the Great Indian Desert in the province of Rajasthan, 25 km from Pakistan

The city of Vasco da Gama in Goa (western coast of India) was named after the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama. The city was founded in 1543 and it remained a Portuguese city until 1961. This was the era of the great geographical discoveries. Vasco da Gama commanded an expedition (1497-1499), which for the first time in history passed by sea from Europe to India. Later, this navigator became the governor of the state of Goa, Portuguese India. Finding a sea route to India has been the challenge of a century for Portugal.

Goa is a state in southwestern India, the smallest among the states of India, a former Portuguese colony on the Indian subcontinent with a population of just over 3 million people. The largest city in the state is the historic city of Vasco da Gama. The length of the state of Goa from north to south is only 105 km, and from west to east a maximum of 65 km.

Photo of the city of Vasco da Gama, India, state of Goa, March 2019


Once at school in the 7th grade, during a geography lesson, I had the opportunity to answer a teacher’s question and tell about the story of the famous Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama. I then called his name is not entirely correct, saying: «Vasca», and many of my classmates laughed merrily, and I too, a little embarrassed. But at that very moment I thought to myself and set one goal: «Laugh, laugh…! And I will definitely visit this city someday!» And what is most surprising, I did not forget about this incident, and sometimes even remembered about it. And now, 37 years later, I walk the streets of this city, and not alone, but with my eldest son, who at that moment was 23 years old.

– Is the realization of the planned event an accident or a pattern? What do you think? —Read on the pages of my book «Manage Your Dream» and you will find the answer to this question!

Photo of the city of Vasco da Gama, India, state of Goa, March 2019


I’m back in India…

LH756, flying from Frankfurt to Mumbai, touched the landing strip in Mumbai (India) on schedule at exactly 1:30. Within a few minutes after landing, I felt the familiar specific smell of smoke in this city. Despite the darkness of the day, the blue tinge of the smoke was clearly visible against the background of the areas, which were illuminated by the floodlights of the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. After I went through the entire chain of special control in connection with the situation due to COVID-19, I left the airport building in 60 minutes and drove to the city of Pune by car. I had to overcome 160 km of the way to the southeast through the pass in the Lanovala region with its maximum height at the top of Vizapur (1064 m). So my everyday life in India began…


On the pages of my book “Manage Your Dream” I pass on my knowledge not only in the field of improving myself, but I also share the valuable experience I gained in working with entrusted personnel and team. As one famous proverb says – “one man is not a warrior in the field.” You will be able to cope with the set tasks and goals of the enterprise only when you have trained and motivated personnel and processes that are understandable for everyone, and you are an authoritative colleague and a professional in your field – you are a leader.

Read more on page 135, part 1, chapter 6 “Rediness for any surprises”.


The author continues to answer questions from readers…

Where does any change begin? – the most frequent question from readers.

In order for your actions to bring a positive result, you need to follow a number of important rules:

Think positively.

Concentrate your attention on what you think about every day, every hour, every minute. It is necessary to move from acting to observing your actions.

You must know exactly what you want to achieve!

Analyze your actions.

Do not discuss other people from a negative point of view, do not interfere in the conflict of other people, take only good examples for yourself.

Do not place responsibility on anyone or anything. Everything is only in your hands!

And most importantly: DO NOT BE LAZY!

Read more on page 236, part 2, chapter 1 «Manage yourself»

Figure on page 290 «What You Believe Always Comes True»

Focus of attention is everything!



Despite the windy weather and the first frost that changed from minus 15 degrees to minus 3 degrees, the aircraft board softly landed at the Domodedovo airport in Moscow.

Today is November 19, 2020. After a long hiatus due to restrictive measures to spread COVID-19, and after almost 8 months in a new reality and after a new experience of living in self-isolation and telecommuting online, I am returning to India.

My onward route from Moscow towards Frankfurt (Germany) will continue to Mumbai airport. I am ready to continue my main professional activity already in India together with my Indian colleagues


The author continues to answer questions from readers…

Do any of you think that becoming the person you once dreamed of is possible only under special and favorable conditions? – for example, if your parents have higher education and they are wealthy people, then you need to attend preparatory courses, various trainings and developmental programs, and you need super professional teachers and coaches, … and so on…???

Imagine the following situation:

A family with one working father on an ordinary working salary, living in a forest in the taiga (2 km to the nearest village), with its own agriculture and stockyard, potato field, fishing, picking mushrooms and berries, for 24 years! I remember myself from childhood running barefoot through pine cones, I remember a lonely house among century-old pine trees and clear water in a lake 150 meters from our wooden house.

… Read all the details on the pages of my book «Manage Your Dream» – The Secret Hidden from Humanity.


The author continues to answer questions from readers.

Many readers are interested in my hobbies and interests in Russia:

«I really love nature, fishing, picking mushrooms and berries. This summer, together with my family, I went on rafting on the river and fishing on the Volga several times. We also visited Moscow, where we stayed for several days. Apart from that, I work hard on my garden plot and this year there was a good harvest of pears, apples and even grapes. I willingly make summer garden furniture from wood, I am fluent in a chainsaw and any other carpentry tool. All this gives me great pleasure, and especially when there is an opportunity to share these successes with my loved ones!»

The author answers the questions of his readers. (10/30/2020)

«For whom did you write the book? Do you have a target audience?»

I wrote a book for those people who want to change their lives for the better, who are ready to take a bold step and change, first of all, themselves! You can’t change someone else or change our reality around us, but if you change your attitude to everything and change yourself, then the most unexpected changes will happen to you, changes for the better. And how to do this, how to achieve such a state or level? – read on the pages of the book «Manage your dream» – Book 1: «Your possibilities are endless».

Illustration «Moving towards an unknown future», artist Evgeniya Titeneva.

Page 338, Part 2., Chapter 16. «Foundations of success and what are the reasons for failure».



The author answers readers’ questions:

«Can you share your experience and advise the reader on your methodology, which you yourself use when making an important decision?»

Yes, I can tell you about it:

1. You need to be alone with yourself! Feel yourself independent, not alone, but independent. This will leave an imprint on you, and you will understand that the responsibility lies entirely with you.

2. Imagine that there is no one next to you now who could help you in choosing and making a decision.

3. Rely only on yourself, on your knowledge, analytical skills and, possibly, on intuition – our sixth sense.

4. Next, begin to assess your situation in a state of complete calm and cold mind.

5. Weigh the «pros» and «cons». In any case, you have to give up something if you want to achieve something more!

If you don’t change anything, you will not be able to find the optimal solution for you.

I explain in detail what it means «make the right choice» in Chapter 7, «Coherence», on page 273.



The author answers the questions of his readers:

«How was your work on the book going? What were your feelings, what experience did you get and what did you have to face?»

«… If from the very beginning I knew how much mental and physical effort I would have to put into writing a book, how much time I would have to allocate in my everyday life apart from my main work, perhaps I would have given up on this idea!

But now I am smiling! … at the time of the start I could not even imagine what I would have to face!»

Writing a book is exciting and addictive: when I traveled around the country or worked as usual in the city of Pune, I got acquainted with the peculiarities of this unknown country to me, immersed myself in my memories, analyzed at the same time everything that happened at the turn of the 80s, 90s and 2000s.

In the process of work, I learned a lot of new and unfamiliar for myself, plunging into the philosophy and religion of Eastern countries and even into esotericism.

In my book I open the door to the world hidden from us – to the world of ENERGY.

I once again demonstrated to myself the principle of «do not give up, but go to the very end!»



From the author Vlad Rekovski

6 months have passed since our return from India, where by the end of March 2020 we lived for a year and a half.

I wrote an additional, unplanned chapter, «Last Flight Goa-Moscow» and thus I finished work on the first book, «Manage Your Dream» – «Your possibilities are endless».

Over the past two years, I realized that the reader will need a second book, and not even just a book, but an INSTRUCTION FOR ACTION. This instruction should always be at hand, like a diary. A brief instruction describing practical lessons should guide and prompt everyone who decides to change their life how to act and where to start.

For several months now I have been working on its creation.

Today, about 80% of the total volume is ready: handwritten text is ready, several dozen illustrations, tables and tests have been created.

In November 2020, I returned to India where I have to finish work on the book «Control Your Dream. – Instruction for action!»