The author answers the questions of his readers:

«How was your work on the book going? What were your feelings, what experience did you get and what did you have to face?»

«… If from the very beginning I knew how much mental and physical effort I would have to put into writing a book, how much time I would have to allocate in my everyday life apart from my main work, perhaps I would have given up on this idea!

But now I am smiling! … at the time of the start I could not even imagine what I would have to face!»

Writing a book is exciting and addictive: when I traveled around the country or worked as usual in the city of Pune, I got acquainted with the peculiarities of this unknown country to me, immersed myself in my memories, analyzed at the same time everything that happened at the turn of the 80s, 90s and 2000s.

In the process of work, I learned a lot of new and unfamiliar for myself, plunging into the philosophy and religion of Eastern countries and even into esotericism.

In my book I open the door to the world hidden from us – to the world of ENERGY.

I once again demonstrated to myself the principle of «do not give up, but go to the very end!»


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