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So what impressed me in India and left vivid memories?

I have not traveled much in India, my professional activity here is a priority, but I managed to visit those places that are available for visiting on weekends. I was impressed by the cave temples of ancient India, or the so-called Buddhist cave monasteries in a place called Karla (Karla / Karli caves).

The caves themselves are carved into a rock mass on a cliff, located almost at the top of a high hill with steep slopes and a height difference of about 200 meters, at the foot of which is the village of Vekhargaon.

The dimensions and architecture of the main hall of the temple are impressive: the height is about 15 meters, with wooden arches, which have been supporting from the rock fall for 2000 years. The length of the hall is 35 meters, and all columns of precise configuration are complemented by figured stone carvings. A mesmerizing sight…

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