The author answers readers’ questions:

«Can you share your experience and advise the reader on your methodology, which you yourself use when making an important decision?»

Yes, I can tell you about it:

1. You need to be alone with yourself! Feel yourself independent, not alone, but independent. This will leave an imprint on you, and you will understand that the responsibility lies entirely with you.

2. Imagine that there is no one next to you now who could help you in choosing and making a decision.

3. Rely only on yourself, on your knowledge, analytical skills and, possibly, on intuition – our sixth sense.

4. Next, begin to assess your situation in a state of complete calm and cold mind.

5. Weigh the «pros» and «cons». In any case, you have to give up something if you want to achieve something more!

If you don’t change anything, you will not be able to find the optimal solution for you.

I explain in detail what it means «make the right choice» in Chapter 7, «Coherence», on page 273.


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