From the author Vlad Rekovski

6 months have passed since our return from India, where by the end of March 2020 we lived for a year and a half.

I wrote an additional, unplanned chapter, «Last Flight Goa-Moscow» and thus I finished work on the first book, «Manage Your Dream» – «Your possibilities are endless».

Over the past two years, I realized that the reader will need a second book, and not even just a book, but an INSTRUCTION FOR ACTION. This instruction should always be at hand, like a diary. A brief instruction describing practical lessons should guide and prompt everyone who decides to change their life how to act and where to start.

For several months now I have been working on its creation.

Today, about 80% of the total volume is ready: handwritten text is ready, several dozen illustrations, tables and tests have been created.

In November 2020, I returned to India where I have to finish work on the book «Control Your Dream. – Instruction for action!»


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