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The amazing natural phenomena that I had to observe, and what I mention on the pages of my book, is a repeated repetition of the most interesting phenomenon that has accompanied me for many years: this is the fact that when I first visit the driest countries, or regions, it always rains there, where it practically does not happen for decades. So it was in Egypt, Turkey, in the United States in the state of Arizona. The most recent such incident happened to me in India, in the epicenter of the Great Indian Desert, in the midst of the dry season in May. At that time I found myself in the northwestern part of India, about 25 km from the border with Pakistan, not far from the city of Jaisalmer in the province of Rajasthan…

Read more on page 173, part two “The Secret Hidden from Humanity”, Chapter 10: January 9, 2019. India, Pune.

Photo: May 16, 2019. The epicenter of the Great Indian Desert in the province of Rajasthan, 25 km from Pakistan

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