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Graduate engineer, writer, designer, scientific researcher. Top manager of a European auto concern. Author of the book “Manage Your Dream”, founder of the Vlad Rekovski Jewelry brand. Lives and works in India, Germany, Russia.


Manage your dream

Book Two

Instructions for action

E-book. English and Russian versions

Author: “Vlad Rekowski”. Release date 2023

Participant of international exhibitions and salons

Participant of the Moscow International Book Exhibition-Fair
Participant of the Saint Petersburg International Book Salon
Participant of the International Intellectual Literature Fair

We meet a man who makes himself (self-made man). The author shows on life examples how it is possible to get out of a rut, to go beyond what is strictly prescribed by custom, tradition, ritual. How do I find myself? How are the conscious and subconscious connected, what are our emotions, perceptions, sensations, will, motives, beliefs? How are the material and spiritual, matter and consciousness, matter and energy related to each other?

The very ability to take risks, put everything on the line, start over, succeed from scratch is a sign of a strong and whole personality.

Vladimir Volkov.

Doctor of philosophy, Professor

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Hello to all readers!
As a participant in the International Book Salon 2021, which will take place on Palace Square in St. Petersburg from May 26 to May 29, I invite all of you to attend this book festival.
My book is on display at stand N69 from Ridero Publishing House and is included in the special selection “HITS of the Book Salon 2021”.

You will be able to visit the exhibition this year not only in the Offline format, since the full version of the exhibition is available, and Online.
For more details, see the website of the exhibition organizer: XVI St. Petersburg International Book Salon on Palace Square – May 26-29 (
I wish you all a great weekend!
Best regards, Vlad Rekovski VR
Manage Your Dream | VLAD REKOVSKI

March 14, 2021

Today, March 14, is a special day for me, and I present to your attention my project «JOY FOR CHILDREN».

All funds received from the sale of my book «MANAGE YOUR DREAM» are sent to the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Charitable Foundation for Helping Orphans

You can become a participant of the “JOY FOR CHILDREN” campaign by ordering a free printed version of the book by filling out an application on the author’s website

«Let’s help those who can’t help themselves – children!»

I thank all my colleagues in Russia and India for their participation!

Best regards and best wishes

Vlad Rekovski


Ridero Publishing House:

March 8, 2021

Let me congratulate all the women today,
Happy spring and sunny holiday on March 8!
May this Day bring you all many tender moments
And good wishes!
I sincerely wish you all well-being, prosperity, harmony and good luck!
May you always be surrounded by the love of your loved ones,
The attention of your friends and the respect of your colleagues!

From March 8!
Spring to your heart,
Warmth to your soul!

Vlad Rekovski


Not unambiguous feelings 🤔 !
5,000 kilometers distance between Nizhny Novgorod – 30 °C. and India, Pune + 30 °C!
What is the temperature in your region??


Today is the last day of the outgoing 2020.

And I wish everyone, everyone, everyone, without exception, that each of you make your deepest wish on this New Year’s Eve…

Feel yourself at this moment exactly as if this desire were fulfilled now, at this moment …

Remember this feeling inside of you, and continue living with it in the New Year 2021!

Focus your attention on this, apply willpower to it and act!!!

Get additional knowledge if necessary,

…and I am sure that your dream will become your reality!

Stay healthy and happy always!

With great respect to you,

Vlad Rekovski



Ahead of the New Year 2021

What was the outgoing year 2020?

The outgoing year has presented quite a few surprises that have become both a new challenge and a new opportunity!

So it was with me. I will tell about this in the final chapter of the first part of the book,

which I was finishing writing after the evacuation from India to Russia on March 31, 2020.

But be that as it may, today I am already back in India.

When I wrote these lines, I thought about it and asked myself the question:

«What is this?» – «another challenge, or new opportunities?»

«Both that, and another», I will answer you!

Therefore, I wish all of you that any challenge becomes a new experience for you that will make you stronger, wiser, more persistent!

Do not give up, but keep going forward to your goal, look for an opportunity not only to survive, but to build your life the way you want it!

But you have to want very, very much!

And take action….

Happy New Year 2021!

and stay healthy!


photographs by Vlad Rekovski, 2020

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