The author continues to answer questions from readers:

When the reader read the book, he was fully acquainted with all my tests that I conducted on my body, for example, subjecting it to strong cooling in winter or other physical exertion. But many readers are nevertheless interested in how it all happened in reality?

– read further on page 252, part 2, chapter 4 “Journey to the world hidden from us”

…. and you will receive an answer to the question: “What happens to our body, why does it become resilient and less susceptible to all kinds of harmful effects of our environment? What processes are taking place inside us that bring our body to such a stable state? “

… (I do not recommend carrying out such tests for beginners who have not passed the preparatory stage, described in detail in the first part of the book on page 40 “Porfiry Ivanov’s system – dousing with cold water works 100%).

… and always stay healthy!


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