Today we are talking about the topic “human immunity”, or in other words, the resistance and resistance of our body to external influences, such as bacteria and viruses.I will quote a few lines from the comment of the Director of the St. Petersburg research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology, posted on 03.12.2020 on the VESTI RU page: Some people, being in contact with COVID patients, did not get sick: “We do not know why these people did not get sick. Perhaps they were resistant to the virus.” Is

it Possible that our body can resist any virus?To answer this question, I asked the administrator of the Manage your dream website to open Chapter 12 and 13 of the second part of the book “your possibilities are endless” for free reading. Below, I present several photos of the text and illustrations from the pages of these chapters.

Visit the https://vladrekovski.com/…/upl…/2020/12/12-and-13-en.pdf and read for free!I invite you to plunge into the world closed from us, into the world of our subconscious……and stay healthy!


PS: E-book in English is available on the website of the book from 20.12.2020

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