Ahead of the New Year 2021

What was the outgoing year 2020?

The outgoing year has presented quite a few surprises that have become both a new challenge and a new opportunity!

So it was with me. I will tell about this in the final chapter of the first part of the book,

which I was finishing writing after the evacuation from India to Russia on March 31, 2020.

But be that as it may, today I am already back in India.

When I wrote these lines, I thought about it and asked myself the question:

«What is this?» – «another challenge, or new opportunities?»

«Both that, and another», I will answer you!

Therefore, I wish all of you that any challenge becomes a new experience for you that will make you stronger, wiser, more persistent!

Do not give up, but keep going forward to your goal, look for an opportunity not only to survive, but to build your life the way you want it!

But you have to want very, very much!

And take action….

Happy New Year 2021!

and stay healthy!


photographs by Vlad Rekovski, 2020

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