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Graduate engineer, writer, designer, scientific researcher. Top manager of a European auto concern. Author of the book “Manage Your Dream”, founder of the Vlad Rekovski Jewelry brand. Lives and works in India, Germany, Russia.


Manage your dream

Book Two

Instructions for action

E-book. English and Russian versions

Author: “Vlad Rekowski”. Release date 2022

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We meet a man who makes himself (self-made man). The author shows on life examples how it is possible to get out of a rut, to go beyond what is strictly prescribed by custom, tradition, ritual. How do I find myself? How are the conscious and subconscious connected, what are our emotions, perceptions, sensations, will, motives, beliefs? How are the material and spiritual, matter and consciousness, matter and energy related to each other?

The very ability to take risks, put everything on the line, start over, succeed from scratch is a sign of a strong and whole personality.

Vladimir Volkov.

Doctor of philosophy, Professor

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From the author Vlad Rekovski

6 months have passed since our return from India, where by the end of March 2020 we lived for a year and a half.

I wrote an additional, unplanned chapter, «Last Flight Goa-Moscow» and thus I finished work on the first book, «Manage Your Dream» – «Your possibilities are endless».

Over the past two years, I realized that the reader will need a second book, and not even just a book, but an INSTRUCTION FOR ACTION. This instruction should always be at hand, like a diary. A brief instruction describing practical lessons should guide and prompt everyone who decides to change their life how to act and where to start.

For several months now I have been working on its creation.

Today, about 80% of the total volume is ready: handwritten text is ready, several dozen illustrations, tables and tests have been created.

In November 2020, I returned to India where I have to finish work on the book «Control Your Dream. – Instruction for action!»


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