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Graduate engineer, writer, designer, scientific researcher. Top manager of a European auto concern. Author of the book “Manage Your Dream”, founder of the Vlad Rekovski Jewelry brand. Lives and works in India, Germany, Russia.


Manage your dream

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Instructions for action

E-book. English and Russian versions

Author: “Vlad Rekowski”. Release date 2022

Participant of international exhibitions and salons

Participant of the Moscow International Book Exhibition-Fair
Participant of the Saint Petersburg International Book Salon
Participant of the International Intellectual Literature Fair

We meet a man who makes himself (self-made man). The author shows on life examples how it is possible to get out of a rut, to go beyond what is strictly prescribed by custom, tradition, ritual. How do I find myself? How are the conscious and subconscious connected, what are our emotions, perceptions, sensations, will, motives, beliefs? How are the material and spiritual, matter and consciousness, matter and energy related to each other?

The very ability to take risks, put everything on the line, start over, succeed from scratch is a sign of a strong and whole personality.

Vladimir Volkov.

Doctor of philosophy, Professor

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Despite the windy weather and the first frost that changed from minus 15 degrees to minus 3 degrees, the aircraft board softly landed at the Domodedovo airport in Moscow.

Today is November 19, 2020. After a long hiatus due to restrictive measures to spread COVID-19, and after almost 8 months in a new reality and after a new experience of living in self-isolation and telecommuting online, I am returning to India.

My onward route from Moscow towards Frankfurt (Germany) will continue to Mumbai airport. I am ready to continue my main professional activity already in India together with my Indian colleagues


The author continues to answer questions from readers…

Do any of you think that becoming the person you once dreamed of is possible only under special and favorable conditions? – for example, if your parents have higher education and they are wealthy people, then you need to attend preparatory courses, various trainings and developmental programs, and you need super professional teachers and coaches, … and so on…???

Imagine the following situation:

A family with one working father on an ordinary working salary, living in a forest in the taiga (2 km to the nearest village), with its own agriculture and stockyard, potato field, fishing, picking mushrooms and berries, for 24 years! I remember myself from childhood running barefoot through pine cones, I remember a lonely house among century-old pine trees and clear water in a lake 150 meters from our wooden house.

… Read all the details on the pages of my book «Manage Your Dream» – The Secret Hidden from Humanity.


The author continues to answer questions from readers.

Many readers are interested in my hobbies and interests in Russia:

«I really love nature, fishing, picking mushrooms and berries. This summer, together with my family, I went on rafting on the river and fishing on the Volga several times. We also visited Moscow, where we stayed for several days. Apart from that, I work hard on my garden plot and this year there was a good harvest of pears, apples and even grapes. I willingly make summer garden furniture from wood, I am fluent in a chainsaw and any other carpentry tool. All this gives me great pleasure, and especially when there is an opportunity to share these successes with my loved ones!»

The author answers the questions of his readers. (10/30/2020)

«For whom did you write the book? Do you have a target audience?»

I wrote a book for those people who want to change their lives for the better, who are ready to take a bold step and change, first of all, themselves! You can’t change someone else or change our reality around us, but if you change your attitude to everything and change yourself, then the most unexpected changes will happen to you, changes for the better. And how to do this, how to achieve such a state or level? – read on the pages of the book «Manage your dream» – Book 1: «Your possibilities are endless».

Illustration «Moving towards an unknown future», artist Evgeniya Titeneva.

Page 338, Part 2., Chapter 16. «Foundations of success and what are the reasons for failure».



The author answers readers’ questions:

«Can you share your experience and advise the reader on your methodology, which you yourself use when making an important decision?»

Yes, I can tell you about it:

1. You need to be alone with yourself! Feel yourself independent, not alone, but independent. This will leave an imprint on you, and you will understand that the responsibility lies entirely with you.

2. Imagine that there is no one next to you now who could help you in choosing and making a decision.

3. Rely only on yourself, on your knowledge, analytical skills and, possibly, on intuition – our sixth sense.

4. Next, begin to assess your situation in a state of complete calm and cold mind.

5. Weigh the «pros» and «cons». In any case, you have to give up something if you want to achieve something more!

If you don’t change anything, you will not be able to find the optimal solution for you.

I explain in detail what it means «make the right choice» in Chapter 7, «Coherence», on page 273.



The author answers the questions of his readers:

«How was your work on the book going? What were your feelings, what experience did you get and what did you have to face?»

«… If from the very beginning I knew how much mental and physical effort I would have to put into writing a book, how much time I would have to allocate in my everyday life apart from my main work, perhaps I would have given up on this idea!

But now I am smiling! … at the time of the start I could not even imagine what I would have to face!»

Writing a book is exciting and addictive: when I traveled around the country or worked as usual in the city of Pune, I got acquainted with the peculiarities of this unknown country to me, immersed myself in my memories, analyzed at the same time everything that happened at the turn of the 80s, 90s and 2000s.

In the process of work, I learned a lot of new and unfamiliar for myself, plunging into the philosophy and religion of Eastern countries and even into esotericism.

In my book I open the door to the world hidden from us – to the world of ENERGY.

I once again demonstrated to myself the principle of «do not give up, but go to the very end!»


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